• Electric Enjin Rule #14

    Be Honest.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #18

    Think Big.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #32

    Work with people you respect
    on products you believe in.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #9

    Remember: You're only
    as good as your last ad.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #44

    Give 'em what they want.
    But not what they expect.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #12

    Smart is always hip.
    Smart is always cool.
    Always be smart.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #27

    Do better.
    Push yourself.
    Make it cooler.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #04

    Informative advertising
    is persuasive advertising.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #36

    Only the U.S. mint can
    make money without advertising.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #07

    The most powerful element
    in advertising is the truth.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #53

    Don’t let your ego
    become your obstacle.

Our Founders

Chris Ching and Aniel Samaroo go back quite a ways. Over the past decade, they’ve worked together at an impressive list of global agencies on an equally impressive roster of Fortune 500 brands, including Unilever, Cadillac, Post Cereal, Mead Johnson, Disney, Slim Fast and Pitney Bowes. In addition to their shared professional history, they also share an entrepreneurial spirit upon which they’ve built Electric Enjin — a forward-thinking ad agency with a focus on new and emerging technology.


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  • Moo.com
  • Applause
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