• Electric Enjin Rule #14

    Be Honest.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #18

    Think Big.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #32

    Work with people you respect
    on products you believe in.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #9

    Remember: You're only
    as good as your last ad.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #44

    Give 'em what they want.
    But not what they expect.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #12

    Smart is always hip.
    Smart is always cool.
    Always be smart.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #27

    Do better.
    Push yourself.
    Make it cooler.

Who We Are

Our team, your storytellers. In 2014, a group of forward-thinking advertising consultants joined forces to form Electric Enjin, a full-service creative technology studio on a mission to create meaningful brand experiences.

Brands / Partners

  • YumEarth
  • Michael Kors
  • ERO 10-6
  • Moo.com
  • UGG
  • WSJWine
  • Virgin Wine
  • Axiom Capital
  • Office Evolution
  • Primacy
  • Wednesday
  • ceros

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