About Us

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Electric Enjin started with a couple of founders, a few bucks and a handful of basic ideas.

One was that the internet was incredibly cool. Another was that it was going to fundamentally alter everything it touched. And what it was going to touch was, well, everything. And a third was that it wasn’t static; it was going to evolve, and evolve so rapidly that no one was going to be able to monopolize its use.

And most importantly, that when you put all those things together – that it was big and powerful and world altering and constantly evolving  and cool – it meant this was once in a lifetime opportunity to make magic.

So we started Electric Enjin. To make magic.

And then we started hiring people - people who aren’t your normal advertising people. People with unusual pasts and unusual futures. Who are creative technology obsessed. Who are entrepreneurs. Whose curiosity drove them to ask questions people at those other agencies never quite answered.

To some folks, all that sounds a little scary. And that’s fine. We’re not for everybody.

But if that doesn’t sound scary to you – or if it sounds like exactly the kind of scary that a world of transformation, technology and turmoil demands, a world in which it’s never been harder to get people to care about your stuff – then, well, you know, we’re here.

Trying to make some magic.

Meet the Team

Chris Ching

Founder, CEO

Aniel Samaroo

President, COO

Martin Bihl

Creative Director

Bryan Murray

Director of Technology

Ryan Roessner

Lead Design Technologist

Luisa Granada

Jr Design Technologist

Noel Lopez

Account Manager

Denis Gao

Jr Developer


Office Dog

Shawn Shields

Senior Copywriter

Morgan Hennessey


Behind the Scenes @electricenjin