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What we do to get people paying attention to you — whether that’s B2B, B2C or B2-whoever is next.

What we do and what we don’t

Customer Journey Analysis - Digital Marketing Agency CT

Customer Journey Analysis – We study your customer from "never-having-heard-of-you” to “buying-your-product” to “being-such-a fan-they-tell-everyone-they-know-about-it” - and then use that insight to keep them coming back.

User Experience Strategy - Advertising Services

User Experience Strategy – Two handy documents. One that investigates every marketing touchpoint from the user’s point of view – and figures out how digital can make them better. And another that thinks about every step the user takes through the site to make sure it’s all intuitive and seamless.

Visual Design Development - Digital Marketing Agency CT

Visual Design Development – We live in a visual culture. So having a visual identity that is unique, intuitive and compelling has never been more important. We’re your guides through that process.

Brand Marketing - Digital Marketing Agency CT

Brand Marketing – People like to say that no one reads any more. But that’s not true. No one reads what doesn’t interest them any more. And they never have. We write words that interest them. In your brand's voice.

Marketing Strategy - Digital Marketing Agency CT

Strategy – You have to know where you want to go and then you have to have a plan for getting there. We make those. And we make sure it’s unique to your brand and your challenges.

Concepting - Digital Marketing Agency CT

Concepting – Sometimes topline, sometimes drilled down to the tiniest details. But always rooted in strategy, creativity, your brand and the opportunities of the web – to deliver the results your business uniquely needs.

Design - Digital Marketing Agency CT

Design – They say good function is good design. But you know what? Good design is good design too. Make sure you have a partner who understands that, especially where digital is concerned.

Copywriting - CT Marketing Agency

Copywriting –Everything from social media content to emails to display media to full websites and beyond; always the right words - sometimes a lot of them, sometimes not so many.

Motion Design - CT Marketing Agency

Motion Design – Lots of agencies have motion graphics departments. But it’s not just about making things move; it’s about making things that move your customers.

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