Search Engine Marketing

PPC advertising can be daunting. And done wrong, a waste of money. We’ll help you maximize conversion optimization with a PPC and SEM strategy that is unique to your needs.

What we do and what we don’t

Display Media targeting

Display media targeting campaigns – whether you want your message to follow key prospects wherever the internet takes them, or focus on specific sites that you think potential customers will visit, we create work that resonates.

SEM Retargeting Campaigns

Retargeting – if someone was interested enough in you to come to your site, but not enough to contact you when they were there, they’re still a valuable prospect, right? We think so, and we help you make a second first impression with them.

Keyword Research and Planning

Keyword research – a tested and trusted approach for finding the right words for uncovering the right customers for you and your business, even as your business evolves.

Competitor Analysis

Competitor analysis – not just a comprehensive look at who you’re battling in the marketplace, but a nuanced look at what they’re doing that you can learn from, good and bad.

Campaign Management budget optimization

Bid management/budget optimization – bringing patience, creativity and a little science to the hunt for your perfect balance between the lowest cost per click and the highest generation of clicks or conversions – while always being smart with your budget.

Search Query Analysis

Search query analysis – a helping hand to find those long-tail searchers who are further along in the buying cycle (and therefore more likely to convert to paying customers) – so you don’t get overwhelmed by the avalanche of data available to you.

Split testing

A/B testing – proactive creative strategies designed to let you take advantage of the iterative nature of the web to split test your marketing for greater effectiveness.

Conversion optimizaiton

Conversion optimization – a constant attention to strategies that will move users along the customer journey from awareness to engagement to purchase efficiently.

Why that matters to you

This is where the rubber hits the road. All that data everyone talks about that the internet is constantly churning out? This is where we can put it to work. Data on the right places for your media at the right times. On how to fine tune the messaging of your creative for greater effectiveness. On what your competitors are doing because we can actually watch them doing it in real time.

Unless you’re not using it because you don’t know how.

What you need is a trusted guide through it. Someone who not only knows the current terrain, but who has an eye on what’s coming next.

What did we do?

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What else?

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