SEO Marketing Services

It’s not about just helping people find you through organic search. It’s about making it damn near impossible for them NOT to find you.

What we do and what we don’t

SEO Domain and page rank audit

Audits – the organic search insights about your site that you need and that we use to make it better. Including page rank and domain authority; competitor authority and rank; URL structure; category/tags; keywords; coding, and more.

SEO Keyword planning and mapping

Keyword Planning & Mapping – keywords are great. And keywords that have maximum relevance for your customers are even better. But keywords with maximum relevance that are aligned with specific pages on your website? That’s what we do.

SEO maintenance

Existing Site Content & Structure Updates – if you knew what pages prospective customers were spending time on and which content was engaging them - and more importantly which wasn’t - you’d revise accordingly, wouldn’t you? Of course you would. Well, you do. So we do, based on regular SEO audit results.

SEO Content Development

Content Development – changes in search algorithms. Changes in search engine results pages. Changes by your competitors. Or said another way, complacency=death. We make sure you don’t die with an ongoing plan of SEO maintenance and SEO copywriting.

What did we do?

Check out how we helped the experiential marketing agency Sparks!

What's next?

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What else?

If our approach to SEO interests you, you may want to investigate some of our longer-form thinking about it