Software Engineering

With an approach based on agile project management, a business structure that is all our own, and a passion for the most innovative technology, we’ve been bringing businesses like yours custom software solutions since 1963. Well, sort of.

What we do and what we don’t

Fullstack development

Full Stack Development – whether it’s front end or back end, or from user-interfaces to relational databases, our natural curiosity means we can provide end-to-end development solutions and expertise.

Information Architecture

Information Architecture – is it an art or a science? Depends who you and ask and on what day. But we agree that nothing good happens without a good plan so we make sure you have the best.

Custom Software Development

Custom Software Development – everybody talks about customization, but not everyone is structured the way we are to design and develop work that really responds to your unique needs and opportunities.

Custom integrations

Custom Integrations – our unique structure makes us unusually flexible when it comes to producing work in conjunction with your existing partners whatever roles they – or we – fulfill.

Technology Roadmap

Technology Roadmaps – of course technology is getting better, faster, more powerful. And it always will. We can help you develop a plan for the future so you won’t be left behind.

Web Hosting / Maintenance

Web Hosting/Maintenance – your website needs to be consistent, but the technology that drives it is constantly changing. A paradox? Sure, but one we manage every day for clients large and small, 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality  – when you can add a unique digital experience to any item – a business card, a print ad, a poster, anything – you surprise and delight people in ways that cut through the clutter of everything else. So why wouldn’t you?

VR Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality – imagine immersing your customers in a complete brand experience, the merging of creativity and technology to give them a memory they won’t forget. Yeah, we can do that.  (Click here to see how we’ve done it right here, on our own site)

Web Optimization

Web Optimization – if you build it, they will come. but if you build it with performance and speed in mind to reduce bounce rates and to increase SEO, they’ll stick around and become customers.

CMS Content Management System

Content Management Systems – we’re proficient on a variety of systems, including:

  • Craft CMS – a flexible and scalable platform that is highly customizable, and is our preferred system.
  • Laravel PHP – which provides a complete custom CMS and is idea for large-scale enterprise sites.
  • Wordpress – a well-known and well-supported CMS that also has great plugin support
  • Angular – great for web applications, working across IOS and Android

How did it work?

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What's next?

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What else?

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