DZ Group

A fashion website build that doesn’t lack in style or performance.

DZ Group is a global, private label fashion manufacturer for some of the biggest fashion brands to the likes of Vince, Banana Republic, Tommy Bahama… you get it. As one of the most innovative fashion labels out there, they needed a space to professionally and stylishly show off their craft– a brand new, remarkably performant, and extremely engaging website built on Craft CMS. Using a modular build on Craft allows for easier website management for DZ Group when they want to make any future updates to the site.

This project quickly became a collaborative effort between DZ Designers and Electric Enjin Developers, and from this collaborative relationship we were able to build the website they have been longing for.

Our complete rebuild of DZ Group’s website included micro-animations throughout the site to create a captivating user experience, a custom lookbook photo gallery that focuses on the delicate details of each product and showcases the brand’s messaging that they are luxury products made with the very best materials, and then it’s all tied together by a flawless user journey.

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