How we developed a website, brand identity and digital strategy for America’s leading organic candy.
YumEarth Responsive Web Design on CraftCMS

YumEarth makes delicious candy that’s organic, non-GMO, vegan, kosher and free from the top eight allergens. Trouble is, they’re vying for attention with billion dollar companies like Mars and Nestle and Cadbury.

And if you can’t get attention, you can’t get customers to trust you. And without trust, they won’t believe it’s really safe. But you also have to get them to laugh. Because if they didn’t laugh, they won’t believe it’s really candy.

So we built a consumer website – and then a wholesaler website and an e-commerce portal – that did all those things. That was intuitive yet intriguing. Robust, yet not overwhelming. Fun, yet, trustworthy.

And increased site sessions by 9x in the first month and session durations by over double the industry standards.

As well as sales.

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