• Electric Enjin Rule #14

    Be Honest.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #18

    Think Big.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #32

    Work with people you respect
    on products you believe in.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #9

    Remember: You're only
    as good as your last ad.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #44

    Give 'em what they want.
    But not what they expect.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #12

    Smart is always hip.
    Smart is always cool.
    Always be smart.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #27

    Do better.
    Push yourself.
    Make it cooler.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #04

    Informative advertising
    is persuasive advertising.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #36

    Only the U.S. mint can
    make money without advertising.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #07

    The most powerful element
    in advertising is the truth.
  • Electric Enjin Rule #53

    Don’t let your ego
    become your obstacle.

Stories well coded

Once upon a time, there was a brand. Your brand. And Electric Enjin is here to help you build it through engaging, authentic, feel-good stories created and shared via the power of digital.

Let Us Tell Your Never-Ending Story.

Learn how our holistic, multi-phase approach to brand-building can help your story live successfully ever after, well beyond its launch.

How We Discover Your Story.

Marketing Strategy

Our crack team of strategists look beyond your products and services to uncover the real story behind your brand, then explore meaningful ways to tell it that will resonate with your target.

Got a story to tell? Our Strategy and User Experience services are here to help


Experience Planning, Roadmapping, Branding, Creative Strategy, and Competitor Audit.

User Experience

Wireframes, Prototypes, Site Maps, Analytics Audit, Information Architecture and User Flows.

How We Create Your Story.

Creative Development

After we come up with a great idea, we meticulously build, animate, proof, troubleshoot and test until your brand story is a marketing masterpiece of creativity and technology.

Need game-changing thinking backed by cutting-edge tech? Our Creative and Technology services are at your disposal.


Web Design, Identity, Copywriting, 3D Modeling, Animation, Motion Graphics Video and Photography.


Front and Back-end Web Development, Chat Bots/AI, Augmented Reality, HTML5 Animation, Ecommerce Integration and CMS Development.

How We Launch Your Story.

Experience Support

To us, the launch of your story isn’t the end of the project. It’s just the beginning. And so, we support your experience with ad campaigns, banners, social media, video, CRM and more.

Looking for ongoing post-launch support? Our Management and Content services are ready to roll.


Website Hosting, Website Maintenance, Uptime Monitoring, Emergency Response Support, Analytics Audit, SEO Optimization and A/B Testing


Content Creation, Content Curation, Promotions, Responsive Newsletter eCRM, SEM and Social Media

Work With Us

Let us create your never-ending story.

What's keeping you up at night?