Best Form(s) Of Communication In The Office: Slack?

By Electric Enjin on March 02, 2018

  • #Agency

As technology is rapidly expanding, so are our means of communication. Speaking in person is often the preferred way to communicate because it is fast, mixed signals and miscommunication do not occur as easily as in other forms of communication, and you experience human interaction, but there are a plethora of other communication options, and that list keeps growing.

You may think the way you communicate now works perfectly for you, and it might. (You shouldn't mess with a good thing just because someone tells you to or something new comes along.) But you should be aware of the options you have and the specifics within your organization that might make one form of communication more helpful than the others.

Things to consider when choosing means of communication in your office:

● Company size
● Number of people working in a group
● Number of groups in the company
● Company type, type of client, type of work
● History/age/how you're doing things now
● Goals


● Each project has its own conversation
● Only people working on that project will be included in the conversation
● Communicate openly to everyone on the team working on a given project
● Show pictures, comment on pictures, send messages, give directions, send around iterations of projects, give feedback, @ someone when you need their attention
● Keeps projects and comments organized and gives you something to go back to and look at if you missed a comment, change, idea, or older version for a project
● Promotes teamwork and allows for teamwork without everyone having to be in the same space at the same time
● Allows employees to work in various locations (separate offices, at home, or across the country/globe)

It does come down to trial and error and personal preference, but be open minded and give it a good amount of thought because switching your means of communication can bring you ease of mind and great benefits to your organization.