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Optimizing Facebook for SEO

Optimizing Facebook for SEO

By Noel Lopez on October 02, 2018

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Hey guys, I want to talk to you today about optimizing your Facebook page. Facebook is actually the fourth most popular search engine behind Google, You Tube and Amazon, so you definitely want to make sure you take advantage of that by either creating a fan page or business page, or both. You want to start with optimizing your URL, so you want to include your brand name and keyword. Not only does this help your SEO, it just makes you look more reputable, instead of having a skew of characters and numbers. Definitely gonna want to use keywords in your About section as well as your text posts. You don't get to write your own meta descriptions so that's what Google's gonna be pulling from as well as pulling in the number of likes and followers you have. Definitely include your address to make sure you're taking advantage of local SEO and you want to make sure your Facebook link is pointing back to your website. Here's an opportunity for you to get another reputable back link and again help out your SEO. So with these tips you can optimize your Facebook page, take advantage of that and make sure it's working for your brand and get the most out of it. So if you have any questions, comments, feel free to leave those here and we'll see you next time.

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